A digital library for every reader on any device in any location!

Give students access to thousands of eBooks no matter where they are. Allow for student voice and choice or assign leveled readers, novels, alternate texts, and accessible texts that tie-in with your lessons. Reading Spot Digital Library offers a curated collection featuring thousands of high-quality ebooks, with functions like audio narration, highlighting, note-taking, reporting, and teacher support. It’s designed for every device—smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Download the Android™ or iOS™ app and students can read offline too.


Make everywhere a great spot to read.

Students who read more, read better. Use Reading Spot for book clubs, book talks, small groups, whole group, and independent reading.



Student Choice: 3500+ Digital Texts for Self-selected Reading

Search by genre, levels, grades, language, and type. It’s easy to find just the right book and expose students to lots of choices.

Over 600 Spanish Titles!





Teach with Intention

Assign to class(es), groups, or individual students. Reading Spot helps you manage your class and teach with intention.


Number of Books Read

Number of Minutes Reading

Total Time Listening to Audio

Most Engaging Books




Engaging Interactivity

Highlight text, add notes, listen to an audio narration. Simplify the words kids struggle with and engage them with interactivity.


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