enVision Integrated Math

Integrated Math Program for High School 

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enVision® Integrated Mathematics © 2024 is a high school integrated math program that helps students see how the disciplines of mathematics are intertwined, with engaging and relevant content. The program offers time-saving options and resources. Re-energize students and help them become more self-directed and independent learners.




Motivate student learning with relevant math and individualized pathways.

  • Math concepts come to life through embedded interactives powered by Desmos.
  • Mathematical modeling in 3 acts levels the playing field with reality-based instruction.
  • Individualized study plans help students master prerequisite skills.

Personalized by Design


Learning for What’s Next


A firm foundation of conceptual understanding allows students to connect and apply new math ideas in amazing ways. Using this balanced approach, students retain what they have learned, meaning less re-teaching later on.



Leverage technology to save time and provide better insight into students’ mastery of mathematics. enVision Integrated makes this simple and easy to do.

Harness the Possibilities