Supplemental & Intervention Resources

Supplemental & Intervention Programs and Learning

Savvas Learning Company provides supplemental and intenvention resources ranging from personalized adaptive learning to blended teacher-led programs.

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Personalized Adaptive Learning


Supplemental resources and supplemental programs including SuccessMaker adaptive reading and math.

SuccessMaker® Newly Updated!
Continuously adaptive K-8 personalized reading and math program

  • Up-to-the-minute insights on student mastery
  • Targeted print resources for offline small group instruction

Learn to Read Program


Supplemental resources and supplemental learning include Foundational Reading to help students learn to read.

Savvas Essentials™: Foundational Reading
A new supplemental K-2 program aligned to the Science of Reading

  • Targets concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics and the teaching of high-frequency words, and fluency
  • Explicit and systematic multisensory instruction includes a variety of print and digital practice
  • Simple, 3-step lesson design fits within 15-20 minutes of a literacy block

Build Word Study, Phonics, and Spelling Skills


Words Their Way Classroom supplemental learning teaching phonics, spelling, and vocabulary.

Words Their Way® Classroom
An ideal complement to core ELA instruction for Grades K-5

  • Develop critical skills in phonics, spelling, and word study
  • Complete digital functionality, including interactive sorts and downloadable learning activities
  • Engaging, hands-on approach to word study

Supplemental resources and supplemental programs include Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases Spanish literacy.

Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases
A perfect fit for K-5 dual language and biliteracy classes

  • Hands-on Words Their Way® approach to word study
  • Build skills in Spanish phonics, spelling, and word recognition using Spanish orthographic principles

Handwriting Curriculum


Supplemental programs and supplemental learning include D’Nealian Handwriting the manuscript-cursive handwriting program.

D’Nealian® Handwriting
The original K-5 continuous stroke, manuscript-cursive handwriting program

  • Complete streamlined routine with all-new digital functionality, including Interactive Student Practice and Stroke Modeling Animations
  • Print-on-demand additional practice for every lesson
  • Spanish teaching support in the Teacher’s Edition

High-Quality Instructional Materials for Your Classroom


Savvas Now Literacy supplemental resources include ELA activities and literacy resources.

Savvas Now™ Literacy
A brand-new K-5 supplemental Digital Resource Library built by literacy experts

  • Address a wide range of learning needs from foundational skills to vocabulary and comprehension to writer’s craft
  • Informational text sets to foster cross-curricular connections and prebuilt, editable lesson plans for popular titles
  • Includes a worksheet generator to create customized practice aligned to individual learner needs

Digital Reading Libraries


Reading Spot digital library houses eBooks and supplemental resources and supplemental learning activities.

Reading Spot
A high-interest K-5 digital reading library

  • Students can easily search and find books by topic or recommended titles
  • Engage students with books written at their level and match their interests
  • Dashboards show total reading time for the school year and identify students’ favorite topics

Professional Development for Your ELL Classroom

Our supplemental resources and supplemental programs include SIOP sheltered instruction that fosters academic language development for ELs.

The SIOP® Model
The only empirically-validated approach to K-12 teaching

  • Develops academic language and content knowledge at the same time
  • Research-based instructional framework makes instruction understandable for English learners while developing their English proficiency
  • Fits with any initiative, curriculum, or program to amplify positive outcomes