K-9 Learning Solutions from Rubicon,
A Savvas Company

Savvas Learning Company is excited to bring you MathUP Classroom by Marian Small, BOLDPRINT Inquiry, and graphic readers and novels from the BOLDPRINT series – all from Rubicon, a Savvas Company.

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MathUP Classroom

All-inclusive digital math program for Grades K-9 that provides:

  • Just-in-time professional learning
  • Rich student materials
  • Planning support
  • Full curriculum coverage
  • A completely digital program
  • Student videos to build understanding and encourage student review

MathUP Practise and Reflect

Consumable student books to support the MathUP Classroom digital platform and are used by students to:

  • Practise the skills and concepts they have learned
  • Record their thinking
  • Reflect on their learning


A trailblazing combination of inquiry, literacy, and content readers curated into five Inquiry Collections per grade, focusing on Science, Social Studies, and Humanities topics – with each title within a Collection linking to an inquiry question that leads to the exploration of big ideas. BOLDPRINT Inquiry:

  • Is designed to help educators introduce key inquiry concepts and skills in an exciting and manageable way
  • Offers captivating student books that are sorted by grade and reading ability
  • Features flexible inquiry models that have been carefully designed to meet a variety of student and classroom needs
  • Can be used to offer a guided inquiry focus to literacy and reading programs
  • Aligns with the Science of Reading research by building background knowledge and fluency, which are linked to reading comprehension achievement

BOLDPRINT Kids Graphic Readers

Combine engaging topics, spellbinding illustrations, and a breadth of content appropriate for even the earliest reader. Each BOLDPRINT Kids Graphic Reader:

  • Features graphic novel components including frames, captions, and speech bubbles
  • Focuses on a theme to excite students
  • Reinforces key reading strategies

BOLDPRINT Graphic Novels

A series of original graphic novels for Grades 4-8 designed to extend literacy through compelling stories and thrilling artwork, combined with research-informed activities, that prompt students to discuss growing understandings, draw conclusions, and engage in higher-order thinking. Each BOLDPRINT Graphic Novel:

  • Features a strategy focus that promotes the development of a key reading strategy
  • Features diverse protagonists that students can identify and connect with
  • Makes use of standard, recognizable graphic novel elements