Savvas Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases: K-5 Supplemental Literacy Program

Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases is a developmental model of Spanish Literacy from the authors of the Words Their Way series. This K-5 program builds and expands on phonics, vocabulary, and spelling skills, giving students a solid foundation to master the Spanish language. It offers a hands-on approach to word study that parallels the Words Their Way Classroom program but is based on Spanish orthographic principles. This new edition includes complete digital functionality on our Realize online learning platform plus full-color, consumable workbooks.


Building a Literacy Foundation One Sort at a Time

Savvas Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases Covers

Focus on Developmental Spelling Stages

Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases carefully aligns instruction with the five developmental stages of spelling: Etapas emergente y alfabética temprana, Etapa alfabética, Patrones, Acentos y afijos, and Derivaciones. Word Study Notebooks are available for each developmental stage.

Realize Reader Demonstrating the Teacher Resource Guide

Interactive Approach for Teaching Word Knowledge, Not Memorization

At the heart of the program is the hands-on or interactive sort. The sort invites students to group words or pictures representing specific sounds into categories. Most sorts begin with teacher-directed instruction along with questions to guide student learning and generalizations.


Just 15 to 20 Minutes a Day

The word study routine is easy to implement and fits within almost any ELA instructional block. Each lesson provides strategies to model the sort, practice it, and apply and assess learning. Differentiated instruction and school-home connections maximize learning opportunities.

Digital interactivity

Add Variety, Sort Online

What do kids love? Digital interactivity! Take word work online with interactive resources. Demonstrate the sort and allow students to practice online. Combine with the print resources or download and copy PDFs for students.