Savvas Investigations 3 Common Core Math Program for Grades K-5: Think What You Can Do

Welcome to Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, 3rd Edition, Copyright 2017. Investigations 3 is the K-5 inquiry-based approach to teaching mathematics. Funded by Savvas, TERC, and the National Science Foundation, Investigations 3 represents over 20 years of research and development. It provides new digital tools, ongoing professional development, and expanded family support.



INtrigue Students


Students actively explore mathematical ideas to develop understanding and fluency. They collaborate, investigate, and take part in problem-based learning.

  • Student-centered mathematics
  • Active learning and collaboration
  • More than one way to solve it
  • Explain and justify reasoning

Investigations in Number, Data, and Space® 3rd Edition, Product Screenshot


Have you seen SCOUT?

INspire Teachers

Ongoing Teacher Support

Instructional notes create a "dialogue with teachers." Investigations 3 supports personal and professional growth, and provides best-in-class management tools.

  • Daily prep and online support
  • Upload and arrange content
  • Search for content quickly
  • Create customized lessons in seconds
  • Realize Scout observational assessment tool

INvolve Families

Support Family Involvement in Math

New online learning tools make it easier for families to support their child at home. Grown-ups can watch a refresher math video, get coaching support, and even communicate with teachers.

  • Online access to resources and games
  • Math words and ideas activities for home
  • Family letters with goals and suggestions
  • Online student reports and data sharing

Investigations in Number, Data, and Space® 3rd Edition, Picture of Family