Magruder's American Government Interactive

A Revolutionary High School Government Curriculum

Magruder’s American Government has been the premier high school textbook for American Government classrooms since 1917. In the new 2023 edition, Magruder’s American Government Interactive becomes the first high school program designed to keep up with the changing times. With each election cycle, each headline, and every passing year, Magruder’s American Government Interactive will stay up-to-date with the latest information, and show students how the daily changes of government affect their lives every day. Never worry about having an updated program again! Magruder’s American Government Interactive is the last program you’ll need in your high school government classroom.


Stay up-to-date with what’s happening in American government

Current Connections keep the program fresh. Students will develop citizenship skills as they investigate current content online and complete digital activities.


See the connections between current issues and government

Dive deeper into the issues Americans are seeing in their everyday lives. Use Case Studies to explore current issues and investigate their connection to government topics through primary sources.


Use a new current event every day

Listen to a new current event podcast every day with Listenwise® to
develop listening comprehension skills with your students.


Build foundational government knowledge

Magruder’s American Government Interactive is the only program you need. This one-stop solution contains a foundational print student text and a dynamic visual course that helps students discover how government affects their everyday lives.