enVision® Mathematics for Grades K-8

NEW! Savvas Math Screener & Diagnostic Assessments

Students don’t come to the math classroom with the same skills and content knowledge. enVision® now provides an easy and reliable way to diagnose student needs and promote positive outcomes. The new Savvas Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessments inform instruction for grades K-8.

Assessments That Work Together

Universal Screener > Multistage Adaptive Diagnostic > Scoring & Flexible Instructional Recommendations

Universal Screener

A short screening assessment identifies proficiency in prerequisite math skills.

Multistage Adaptive Diagnostic

A diagnostic assessment adjusts to student misconceptions and understanding in real time, providing on-, above-, and below-level problems.

Scoring & Flexible Instructional Recommendations

Norm-referenced student data generates on-, above-, or below-level instructional content suggestions.

Scoring & Flexible Instructional Recommendations

Two additional opportunities for educators to monitor student progress to year-end proficiency throughout the year.


Close Knowledge and Skill Gaps with Targeted Instructional Content.

enVision Math and WestEd

Developed in Partnership with WestEd
WestEd’s leadership and psychometric expertise ensure item reliability and assessments are unbiased and equitable.WestEd logo

enVision Math Efficacy and Efficiency

Personalized for Efficacy and Efficiency
The adaptive format limits time spent on testing while improving test reliability.

Single Sign On

Single Sign-on and Seamless Integration
Easy accessibility to the universal Savvas Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessments from the Savvas Realize™ platform, including access to additional new instructional content for every student.

enVision Math Screener

Test Less, Teach More
Quickly identify students requiring additional assessment and potential intervention or enrichment with a short, accessible screener.


enVision Math Screener

Flexible Instructional Recommendations
Results from the Diagnostic make specific instructional reccommendations for every learner.

enVision Math Instructional Recommendations

Flexible Options for Progress Monitoring
Schools can administer Growth Assessments flexibly when having a norm-referenced snapshot of student progress is most relevant and effective throughout the year.

enVision Math Screener

Robust Data Reporting
In-depth views of student learning are available by district, school, class and individual student. Compare performance to grade level expectations and peers nationally with this norm referenced assessment.




Find out how easy it is to add the screener and diagnostic assessments to your enVision program, contact your Savvas Account Manager.

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