Adaptive Intervention for High School Math

SuccessMaker®: Foundations of High School Math is a brand-new adaptive intervention program for high school students who don’t have all the prerequisite skills they need to be successful in early high school math classes like Algebra 1, Geometry, or Integrated Mathematics I.


Personalized Intervention

Students are placed at their just-right starting level in the program based on an Initial Placement test, and the adaptive engine takes over from there, adjusting the content the student sees next with every response.

An individualized learning pathway addresses each student’s specific instructional needs. Each student gets just-right intervention, whether that’s in integer operations, rational numbers, or even fact fluency. Translations in more than 60 languages offer first language support for multilingual learners.



Just-in-Time Support for High School Math Instruction

SuccessMaker: Foundations of High School Math lets high school math teachers easily provide students with targeted adaptive practice assignments on specific skills they need to be prepared for upcoming high school math instruction.

For example, if a student is still working on earlier skills and concepts in the adaptive personalized learning course, but an upcoming Algebra 1 lesson requires a student to have a solid understanding of exponents, it’s easy for high school teachers to provide students with targeted adaptive work with exponents to prepare them for the upcoming Algebra 1 lesson.



Real-Time Growth Data

SuccessMaker: Foundations of High School Math never stops instruction to deliver a benchmark assessment, so educators always have real-time insights into students’ growth and mastery of skills and state mathematics standards.



Address Math Standards

SuccessMaker: Foundations of High School Math addresses all the prerequisite skills necessary for high school success and includes comprehensive coverage of skills and mathematics standards for Grades K-8.

The program provides select high school mathematics content chosen for its coherence with middle grades mathematics standards and importance for future success in high school mathematics.



Flexible Implementation Options

High school students can work in the program anywhere they have an Internet connection-- before, after, or during class, for homework, during study halls, and more!