SuccessMaker® Math Adaptive Personalized Learning for Grades K-8

Designed to supplement core math instruction, SuccessMaker® Math provides online, continuously adaptive math instruction for all K-8 students. Aligned to NCTM’s strands of Number Sense and Operations; Patterns, Algebra, & Functions; Geometry; and Measurement Data Analysis & Probability, the program has proven effective for all students by independent research. SuccessMaker Math provides true adaptive learning for every student through support for every RtL/MTSS tier, as well as multilingual learner support with 60+ translations and targeted English and Spanish print lessons. It’s personalized learning that’s as unique as every student.


Adaptive Learning that Personalizes Math Instruction


Gain Hours of Instructional Time

SuccessMaker Math never stops instruction for a test, so students and teachers gain hours of instructional time during the year. Students are placed into the program at their just-right starting point, and the program’s adaptive engine takes over from there, adjusting what a student sees next based on each and every response.

Real-Time Data

School administrators and teachers always have an up-to-the-minute view of student performance on math standards and skills at any point in the school year.

Build Math Confidence

Students engage with content from multiple mathematical strands in each SuccessMaker session. The mixed content presentation builds student confidence as they work on areas of strength and instructional need in every session.

Standards & Skills Assignments Prepare Students for Grade-Level Instruction

SuccessMaker Math lets educators quickly and easily assign custom adaptive courses targeted to specific math skills. Options are endless — create an adaptive assignment focused on fact fluency to provide students with additional support, or use the custom adaptive option to prepare students for an upcoming topic in Savvas’s enVision® Mathematics program.


An Individualized K-8 Mathematics Instructional Experience for Every Student

  • Blended Adaptive Learning Model
  • Built for Mathematics Standards
  • Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered System of Supports (RtI/MTSS)
  • Differentiation for Diverse Learners
  • Skills and Standards Assignments

Blended Adaptive Learning Model

Blended Adaptive Learning Model

Just-Right Starting Placement
Students are placed into their individual just-right starting point in their zone of proximal development through SuccessMaker Math’s adaptive Initial Placement or their scores on the Diagnostic of the Momentum Screener & Diagnostic - Math.

Instructional Feedback and Productive Struggle
SuccessMaker Math requires students to provide an answer before feedback is given, leading to productive struggle. Supportive instructional feedback is provided on both correct and incorrect answers to guide student learning.

Intervention Cycle
SuccessMaker Math monitors students’ answer patterns, and students enter an intervention cycle within the online program when they need more support with a specific skill or concept. The Intervention Cycle may include sequential practice, tutorial videos, and prerequisite skills instruction.

Targeted Print Lessons in English and Spanish
The SuccessMaker Math Areas for Growth report groups students who need more support on a specific concept or skill and provides point-of-use links to targeted English and Spanish print lessons so teachers can deliver additional instruction to students who need it.

Built for Mathematics Standards

Built for Mathematics Standards

Standards Aligned
SuccessMaker Math is built around NCTM’s focus areas and is aligned to mathematics standards.

Real-World Performance Tasks
Real-World Performance Tasks give students the opportunity to apply mathematics to solve real-world problems. Students work through multi-step tasks that build their perseverance and help them learn to use appropriate tools strategically.

Speed Games
Speed Games can be turned on or off at educator discretion for individual students or groups of students, and let students build addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fluency in a fun, engaging way.

Digital Math Manipulatives
Digital Math Manipulatives include a protractor, ruler, interactive number line, line and bar graphing, coordinate plane graphing, fraction strips, place value blocks, and more!

Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs)
Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) like drag-and-drop help students to become familiar with the format of items they may see on high-stakes end-of-year  tests.

Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered System of Supports (RtI/MTSS)

Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered System of Supports (RtI/MTSS)

On-Level Students
Students performing on grade level in may have different instructional needs: one student may be performing above grade level in geometry but slightly below grade level in statistics. SuccessMaker Math adjusts instruction to deliver just-right content that effectively differentiates instruction for students performing on grade level in mathematics.

Tier II & Tier III Intervention
SuccessMaker Math intervenes at just-right intensity for students who are not performing on grade level in mathematics. For example, SuccessMaker Math builds the math confidence of a student performing 2 years below grade level by providing the intensive intervention and prerequisite skills instruction needed in most math strands, but also by giving the student the opportunity to work at his developmental level with advanced geometry grade-level content.

Gifted Students/Accelerated Learners
SuccessMaker Math challenges high achievers and gifted students. The program motivates a student performing above grade level in math through acceleration and enrichment in almost every math strand where they excel. The program also identifies if students need additional instruction in a specific math strand and ensures they get the guidance to master grade-level concepts.

Differentiation for Diverse Learners

Differentiation for Diverse Learners

For Multilingual Learners
Translations in 60+ languages provide first language support so multilingual learners can focus on math concepts and skills.

Spanish-speaking students can easily switch between English and Spanish at any time with translations and audio voice-overs, and have access to an English/Spanish glossary. The Spanish Student Performance Report can be used to communicate with caregivers and families, and Spanish print targeted lessons are available in bilingual settings where math instruction is delivered in Spanish.

Special Education
SuccessMaker Math supports IEP goal-setting. Educators can automatically set a target individualized growth goal for each student, and adjust the amount of time each student spends in the program to achieve their target learning goal.

SuccessMaker Math is endorsed by CASE (Council of Administrators of Special Education).

Skills and Standards Assignments

Skills and Standards Assignments

Prepare Students for Grade Level Instruction
Skills and Standards assignments are a great way to help students access grade level instruction. While a student works within his or her zone of proximal development in the personalized learning course, educators may assign grade-level content in a custom adaptive course to support students in accessing grade level instruction.

Align to Savvas Core Math Instruction
Teachers can view student mastery through the lens of their enVision Mathematics Table of Contents. Educators can use the insights to create assignments that align to what students are learning in their core program. It’s easy to target prerequisite skills before an upcoming enVision topic, or use a custom assignment to provide additional targeted practice on a previous enVision lesson or topic.

Prepare for End-of-Year Tests
It’s easy to assign targeted practice for specific standards that are assessed on high-stakes end-of-year math tests. SuccessMaker Math features common TEI (technology enhanced items), which help students become familiar with the format of online tests.

Target Specific Skills or Standards
Do you have students who would benefit from more targeted practice with fractions or fact fluency? It’s easy to assign targeted skills practice based on individual learning needs with SuccessMaker Math’s skills and standards assignments.

Easy-to-Use Summer Learning Options
SuccessMaker® Focus provides prebuilt assignments for Grade 1-8 that focus on mathematics priority skills from the prior grade level. These ready-to-go assignments are a great solution for summer learning to help students prepare for the next school year.


SuccessMaker Math Can Supplement and Support Core K-8 Mathematics Instruction

Differentiate for Every Learner

Explore how SuccessMaker Math supports students performing at, below, or above grade level in math.

enVision Connection

See the ways SuccessMaker Math combines with Savvas’ enVision Mathematics to accelerate student learning.

Support for Multilingual Learners

See how SuccessMaker Math supports multilingual learners.

Real-Time Reports

View the real-time standards and skills mastery data SuccessMaker Math provides.


Instructional Insights for Leaders and Teachers on Math Standards and Skills

Math Progress Monitoring For School Administrators

SuccessMaker Math provides highly visual dashboards and easy-to-read exportable reports. School administrators and teachers can easily see collective and individual school performance and track students’ growth in math, without waiting for benchmark assessment periods to see growth.

Math Progress Monitoring For Teachers

SuccessMaker Math gives teachers real-time data on students’ most recent sessions, with highly visual at-glance insights on class and individual student performance and easy-to-read exportable reports.

The Areas for Growth report makes it easy for teachers to form small groups and provide additional instruction to students who need it using English and Spanish print lessons.


SuccessMaker Math Research & Efficacy

Learn how SuccessMaker Math accelerated student achievement post-COVID.

Download Evaluation Brief