SuccessMaker® Reading Adaptive Personalized Learning for Grades K-8

Designed to supplement core ELA instruction, SuccessMaker® Reading provides online, continuously adaptive reading instruction for all K-8 students. It’s personalized learning that’s as unique as every student. Aligned to the Science of Reading, the program targets the concepts of phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and spelling. SuccessMaker Reading provides true adaptive learning for each student by providing differentiation, acceleration, and intervention for all tiers of Rtl and MTSS.


Adaptive Learning for Accelerating Reading Proficiency


Aligned to the Science of Reading

SuccessMaker Reading provides an adaptive learning experience with explicit instruction, guided practice, and independent practice in phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Gain Hours of Instructional Time

SuccessMaker Reading never stops instruction to administer a test, so students and teachers gain hours of instructional time during the year. Students are placed into the program at their just-right starting point, and the program’s adaptive engine takes over from there, adjusting what a student sees next based on each and every response.

Real-Time Growth Insights

School administrators and teachers always have an up-to-the-minute view of student performance on reading standards and skills at any point in the school year, without waiting for a test to see growth.

Standards and Skills Assignments Prepare Students for Grade-Level Instruction

With SuccessMaker Reading standards and skills assignments, teachers can provide targeted adaptive practice to reinforce learning. Options are endless – create an adaptive assignment focused on vocabulary and grammar to support multilingual learners, or use the adaptive assignment option to prepare students for an upcoming unit in Savvas core programs like myView Literacy® International and myPerspectives®.


Personalized Reading Instruction Aligned to the Science of Reading

  • Adaptive Blended Instructional Model
  • Aligned to the Science of Reading
  • Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered System of Supports (RtI/MTSS)
  • Differentiation for Diverse Learners
  • Skills and Standards Assignments

Adaptive Blended Instructional Model

Adaptive Blended Instructional Model

Explicit Instruction and Guided Practice
Every SuccessMaker Reading lesson begins with explicit instruction on a reading skill, followed by guided practice where students receive immediate instructional feedback.

Students receive immediate instructional scaffolding when working through SuccessMaker Reading lessons.

SuccessMaker Reading automatically adapts to student performance and reteaches concepts students haven’t yet mastered.

Spiral Review
SuccessMaker Reading includes systematic, cumulative, spiral review of all reading skills learned.

Targeted Print Resources
SuccessMaker Reading provides targeted print lessons so teachers can deliver additional explicit instruction in small groups when students need more support with a specific skill. Print Partner activities help students to generalize and extend their learning.

Aligned to the Science of Reading

Aligned to the Science of Reading

Phonological Awareness
The program builds a sound phonological awareness foundation through engaging activities. Students interact with words, letters, and sounds by blending phonemes into words or segmenting words into phonemes.

Focused, systematic phonics instruction and practice addresses letter-sound associations, syllabication, consonant blending, onsets and rimes, and word analysis. Students then integrate and apply learned phonics skills in context during fluency drills and decodable reading passages.

Available for Grades K-5, the Fluency strand provides intensive and direct instruction focused on retelling, reading with expression, and reading for speed and accuracy. Students practice their fluency by recording and assessing their performance. Teachers can access students’ recorded fluency files.

SuccessMaker Reading explicitly teaches high-frequency, content-area, and academic vocabulary.

The program embeds explicit instruction and guided and independent practice across fiction and nonfiction titles. Peer close reading coaches model metacognitive strategies for students in Grades 3 and up.

Spelling and Grammar
SuccessMaker Reading also includes strands in spelling and grammar to support the development of encoding skills and academic language.

Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered System of Supports (RtI/MTSS)

Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered System of Supports (RtI/MTSS)

On-Level Students
SuccessMaker Reading provides appropriate differentiation for students performing on grade level in reading.

Tier II/Tier III Intervention/Striving Readers
SuccessMaker Reading intervenes at just-right intensity for students who are not yet reading at grade level.

Gifted Students/Advanced Readers
SuccessMaker Reading challenges high achievers and gifted students.

Differentiation for Diverse Learners

Differentiation for Diverse Learners

Special Education

  • SuccessMaker Reading supports IEP goal-setting. Educators can automatically set a target individualized growth goal for each student, and adjust the amount of time each student spends in the program to achieve their target learning goal.
  • SuccessMaker Reading is endorsed by CASE (Council of Administrators of Special Education).

Multilingual Learners

  • SuccessMaker Reading offers embedded support for multilingual learners. The program provides first language support with translations in more than 60 languages, “Read to Me” audio, and a Spanish/English glossary. Teachers can use the Spanish Student Performance Report to communicate with families and caregivers in Spanish.

Skills and Standards Assignments

Skills and Standards Assignments

Prepare Students for Grade Level Instruction
Skills and Standards assignments are a great way to help students access grade level instruction. While a student works within his or her zone of proximal development in the personalized learning course, educators may assign grade-level content to support students in accessing grade level instruction.

Align to your Savvas Core K-8 ELA Instruction
Teachers can view student mastery through the lens of their myView Literacy International, Reading Street, or myPerspectives Table of Contents. Educators can use the insights to create assignments that align to what students are learning in their core program. It’s easy to prepare students for upcoming core units, or review previous units.

Prepare for End-of-Year Tests
It’s easy to assign targeted practice for specific standards that are assessed on high-stakes end-of-year tests. SuccessMaker Reading features common TEI (technology enhanced items), which help students become familiar with the format of online tests.

Target Specific Skills or Standards
Do you have multilingual learners who could use more targeted practice with specific vocabulary or grammar skills? Do you have a few students who need more support with spelling? It’s easy to assign targeted skills practice based on individual learning needs with SuccessMaker Reading’s custom course option.

Easy-to-Use Summer Learning Options
SuccessMaker® Focus provides prebuilt custom courses for Grade 1-8 that focus on reading priority skills from the prior grade level. These prebuilt courses are a great solution for summer learning to help students prepare for the next school year.


Instructional Insights for Leaders and Teachers on Reading Standards and Skills

Reading Progress Monitoring For School Leaders

SuccessMaker Reading provides highly visual dashboards and easy-to-read exportable reports. School administrators and teachers can easily see collective and individual school performance and track students’ reading growth, without waiting for benchmark assessment periods to see growth.

Reading Progress Monitoring For Teachers

SuccessMaker Reading provides real-time data on students’ most recent sessions, with highly visual at-glance insights on class and individual student performance and easy-to-read exportable reports.

The Areas for Growth report makes it easy for teachers to form small groups and provide additional instruction to students who need it with targeted print lessons.

Teachers can easily see which students need more time in the program to reach specific learning goals and adjust schedules to help students achieve individualized growth goals.


SuccessMaker Reading Research & Efficacy

How do you define success? With measurable results! When schools use SuccessMaker Reading with fidelity, student achievement improves.

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