Experience Math™ K-8 Mathematics Program

Experience Math™, a student-centered, K-8 program, celebrates the art of teaching combined with the power of an engaged classroom. This comprehensive curriculum strengthens learning through intentional teaching and gathers evidence of learning through purposeful assessment strategies. Discovery and exploration create community for students, while practice and game play establish fluency. Experience Math is fully-aligned to the Common Core Content Standards (CCSS) and through simple planning and high-value, in-the-moment professional learning, the program allows teachers to do what matters most.


Professional Learning with Math Videos and Resources

Experience Math improves learning with intentional teaching aligned to clear goals and strategic instructional decisions.

Experience Math for Grades K-5

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Experience Math for Grades 6-8

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Watch an Overview Video


Watch an Overview Video

Learn more about student-centered learning and in-the-moment professional learning in Experience Math.


Experience Math is Hands-on Math

The Experience Math 3-part lesson plan gives students rich and varied experiences to solve problems and develop mathematical thinking.

  • Minds On
  • Action
  • Consolidate

Minds On

Minds On

Part 1, Minds On, features a short activity that activates prior knowledge and engages student curiosity.



In Part 2, Action, Students use critical and creative thinking to solve a new problem cooperatively.



Finally, in Part 3, Consolidate, questions bring out the main ideas of the lesson through discovery and reflection. Exit Tickets help teachers gauge student understanding.


About the Authors


Developed by Dr. Marian Small

Dr. Marian Small is an internationally renowned math author, educator, and professional learning consultant. Throughout Experience Math, she shares practical instructional insights and videos to uncover true student understanding. Marian’s coaching will help every teacher facilitate meaningful and productive mathematical learning.



Contributing Author Graham Fletcher

Graham Fletcher has extensive experience as a math teacher, instructional lead, and specialist. He is known for his work with math progressions and problem-based lessons and added his expertise to Experience Math.